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Birth Control by Herbal Medicines

Keeping families small is the urgent need of the present times. Ancient Ayurveda has recognized many herbs which can prevent pregnancy. On the basis of age old formulae of Ayurved science we have developed a treatment which can prevent pregnancy for 3 years and also for ever. This treatment was undergone by more than 15000 women and its result is quite successful.

This treatment has been produced in form of capsule for internal use. When a woman wants not to conceive for 3 years, she will have to take 1 capsule daily for 30 days regularly since the 5th days of menstruation circle. When a woman wants not to conceive for ever, she will have to take 90 capsules daily for 90 days regularly.

This treatment is quite harmless and has no side effect. It doesn’t affect menstruation circle. When a woman wants to conceive after 3 years, she will conceive easily after 3 years.

What will happen when a woman has used 90 capsules for permanent birth control, but now wants to conceive?
She can, but she will have to use Pushyanug churna and Ashokarista for 2-3 months regularly. The effect of medicine taken will end and she will be able to conceive again.

Cost of treatment- 3 years birth control Rs 240/-, postage extra. In case of advance payment delivery charge only Rs 25/-.
Permanent Birth Control: Rs 500/-, postage Rs 100/- extra for a VPP and no delivery charge in case of advance payment through direct deposit with account SBI or PNB or AXIS Bank.