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About White Patches

White patches in Hindi known as Shwitra, Sheweta, Dhabal and kilas In English it is called Leucoderma,Vitiligo and White Patches. In Bengali sheweti or Shwet dag, In Oriya Dhala Chou, In Marathi Pandre Dag and in South Indian languages BagatPali.

White patches appear in white, pink or red color on the skin. At the beginning they are of small patches which gradually increase in size and spread over at various parts of body and skin of any male or female of any age. White patches remaining old, the affected are become turgid and hairs become white or red. Gradually, the loss of sensation is also noticed in some cases.

White patches do not bring any ailment to body. But a feeling of light burning is felt and itching trouble occurs with some patients. Again, all these increase when out in the Sun. Though the number of such diseased person is very few yet the disease brings damage to corporal beauty.

This disease is not epidemic in nature but unfortunately a mistaken idea has set deep rooted in the society and the affected people are looked in contempt. More painful it is that people hesitate to give marriage with an affected person and or even with any member of his family. Due to sheer ignorance this mistaken idea is causing anxiety and fear in the society. We must examine the disease from the scientific point of view. Side by side we should minimize this uncalled for fear and ensure that inferiority complex is allowed to grow up in the mind of patients.

Causes of White Patches

Several causes are responsible for white patches. Reasons for white patches vary from patient to patient. According to Ayurveda Shastras it occurs when phlegm (Cuff), Bile (pitta) and wind (Vayu) are not in proportion or one of them is affected otherwise. And, if all three organs are quite deranged then an acute type of Leprosy will be noticed. White patches resulting out of cough trouble is known as Shwitra. Its colour is completely white. White patch resulting out of bile trouble is called kilas. It is somewhat of copper colour. White patch resulting out of wind trouble is called Arun (Erythema). As the name implies its color is red like Sun. Where two organs are deranged the color of white patch becomes white-copper vis-à-vis white-pink.

Many reasons may be attributed for such flatulence and derangement of system of the body and they are as follows:

LIVER TROUBLE: White patches are mainly due to liver trouble. Old regular constipation, dysentery etc, cause white patch in most of the cases. Besides, growth of worm in stomach and poison resulting out of accumulated old stool in intestines are equally responsible. The bacillus in the stomach percolates a severe type of poisonous secretion which ultimately absolves iron part of the blood giving way to white patches.

In intestine pigments responsible for creating color of the skin are produced. The poisonous secretion damages liver and pigment. When the Ranjak pitta color pigment (creator of color for skin) and Bhrajak pitta (bile) (responsible for grace of skin) are produced insufficiently then the grasping cell of the skin becomes inefficient to act resulting white patches to grow. Though the color of the skin of orginates underneath the cell of epedermics but the receptacle of Shwitra is spread upto fourth layer (tamra) of the skin.

Even after Typhoid and Jaundice white patches become noticeable in many cases. This disease predominates the liver.

So, the chance is of being attacked with the disease is great in when immediately after recovery pressure is put on liver.

RESTRAINT TO NATURAL IMPULSE: If restraint is caused to natural flow of stool, urine, vomit, sneeze then derangement in the system of body is a sure symptom.

INCONSISTENT AND UNCONVENTIONAL USE OF FOOD: Milk with meat, Fish, Brinjal, Seasame, Onion, Garlic, Liquor, Salt and curd (sour) are all examples of unconventional food. Again, milk or curd with banana, Chicken with curd and milk, equal amount of Ghee and honey, Radish and honey, Salt and Sugar, Fish with articles made from sugarcane juice are all such instances. Pigeon meat is fried in mustard oil is responsible for derangement in the system and this derangement ultimately causes white patches. Eating meat of some birds like peacock and MAHUAL can also cause derangement in system.


From our experience we have observed that all types’ patches are curable. Regular treatment help vanishing of white patches. In Ayurveda shastras it has been categorically stated that almost all types of white patches groped in as non curable with the help of our treatment. We hold concrete evidences in the matter. White patches may be very acute but can not be said to be incurable. The question here rightly poses is how many men have tenacity to go with prolonged treatment?

We give here under particulars of such complicated white patches are acute in nature yet can be cured for which some time is essentially required. Such white patches appearing on

Lips, foot, Palate surrounding nail etc. Such white patches where hair becomes white or brown. On body parts where patches are older than 20 years. In case of patients where his age is above 55. Such white patches of the diseased who lives amidst very poor sunlight or where there is practically no summer but winter is in abundance and contrary to new patches, small patches which are of pink color where skin is graceful can easily be cured in short time.