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This remedy corresponds to the chronic effects and loss of seminal fluid, such as emissions on three or four consecutive nights, weakening the patient greatly. Whole body system becomes weak , and there is burning in the spine worse at night, the genitals are relaxed, the scrotum and testicles are flabby, the penis has no power of erection, or the erection are imperfect and the semen escapes too soon during coitus. Impotence when the sensibility of the part is excessive, and the semen is discharged shortly after or even before erection. There is dragging in the testicles, and above all the mental condition is important; the patient is distressed on account of the culpability of his acts, and is anxious about the future of his health or else perfect indifference is present. It is never to be used when general irritability is present and probably many failures are owing to its misuse in this particular. It also has discharge of prostatic juice during a hard stool and frequently involuntary seminal emissions. Picric acid has disturbed sleep from erections and too frequent seminal emissions.

Cost of treatment: One month’s cost of treatment between 750/- and Rs 1500/-. Postage extra for a VPP and in case of advance payment through direct deposit with bank account, no postage for delivery within Indian territory.

Note:- Disease caused by chronic constipation requires 2-3 months’ regular treatment for getting permanent cure.